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What! A SQL Saturday in Hawaii?


Can you say Aloha!  That’s right!  Mike Fors and team of the Hawaii .NET User Group will be hosting the first ever Hawaiian SQL Saturday in Honolulu next year. 

One of the missions of PASS this coming year is to have a SQL Saturday in every one of the 50 states.  When this was presented to the Regional Mentor Committee to engage our help, I decided to take it upon myself to go after Hawaii first…gee, wonder why!  Actually Hawaii seemed like an easy target compared to Wyoming (who is next on the list to tackle), but knew that Brad McGehee lives in Hawaii, so sweet, already have a seasoned speaker right there who just happens to also be a MS SQL Server MVP, and more importantly, there is an existing Official PASS Chapter there, so someone already committed to giving their time to provide free training to their community there.  Awesomesauce!

Some already foreseen obstacles that are pretty much a given when you are considering Hawaii for anything:

  • Venue…well just so happens that Mike already has the Honolulu Community College in mind as they have been very supportive in the past and he is pretty confident they will even provide the venue for FREE!  This is great news!
  • Cost of flights for anyone mainland who wants to speak/attend…although hopefully Mike has a good pool of local speakers to choose from first.
  • Cost of hotels…Brad tells me that Spring or Sept/Oct timeframe are the best hotel rate times, so Mike is shooting for a Saturday in late March or early April.
  • Cost of food…Ok, let’s just narrow it down to COSTS all across the board!
  • Where to ship everything like swag…ok, now that Mike and team are onboard, this is no longer a worry (was afraid I was going to have to ask Brad if we could have packages shipped to him, because yes, Hawaii SQL Saturday was happening in the event I couldn’t twist Mike’s arm get in touch with Mike).
  • Not many DBAs in Hawaii…shouldn’t be a problem, Mike is going to have a couple of tracks devoted to non-SQL topics, as many SQL Saturday events do these days.
  • Not a very strong attendance at the user group meetings…again, don’t see this as a problem, as this doesn’t have to be a large scale SQL Saturday being it is their first.  Advice from many out there is “go small, then big”.  From what I hear not many of these type of free events happen on the islands there, so there could be a larger crowd than expected since I’m sure not much of anything is free in Hawaii!

Mike is reading up on the SQL Saturday Wiki pages, but many of you have hosted SQL Saturday’s or at least attended one, so if there are any other obstacles that you think might be specific to Hawaii, please post a comment here for Mike and his gang, so they can start tackling these things now.  If you are interested in volunteering, watch for the official announcement and posting at .  And if you are interested in sponsoring the Hawaii SQL Saturday, please contact me for now (karlakay22 on MSN). 

I will be sure to tweet/blog just as soon as we know an official date.

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