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The Most Incredible A$$ Numbing Movie Experience Ever!


Yesterday we headed down to Islands of Adventure, only a 30 minute drive from where we live now, but low and behold it was actually “At Capacity”, they weren’t letting anyone in.  I’ve been to this park dozens of times, never have I seen it actually closed due to too many people.

So now what do we do?  After some lunch at Margaritaville, we decided to go to the Universal Cineplex and see Tron, and not just SEE it, but FEEL it, as they had it available in IMAX 3D. This was our first time seeing a movie at this theatre, and our first time seeing Tron since its release a couple of weeks ago (normally this type of flick, I would have seen at least twice by now).  If you are ever in Central Florida and want to see a movie, this is the place to go.  For starters, this AMC theatre has a full blown bar, with over 20 bottle beers to choose from (including my friend, Corona Light!), 6 drafts (which come super-sized at only $5.50 with $3 refills…if you are willing to tear yourself away from the movie to get a refill…good luck with that if you are watching Tron!), all liquors, and drink and shot specials daily.  I’ve been to theatres before that have only draft beer available, but never a true bar in it with high tops even, for the full bar scene experience. It’s even right next to the arcade area, so you can enjoy your adult beverage and still keep an eye on the kiddies.  The only thing that would have made it perfect for me would have been a pool table, although probably not a good idea, as I would likely miss the beginning of the flick.  

This theatre was very clean, including the bathroom, but the gem of it all was indeed the IMAX theatre itself.  Very comfortable rocking, reclining chairs with of course the standard these days, arms that fold up and away.  Lots of seating and lots of space between the rows, so you can actually lean back and not be in the person behinds you way.  The most amazing part though is the experience of those seats when watching a great action flick like Tron!  It truly was ass numbing, right down to my tingling toes, and that sensation lasted for about an hour after leaving the movies. 

Tron absolutely exceeded my expectations, as I was skeptical being I loved the first one so much.  Jeff Bridges was of course amazing as always, and they did a great job with the computer digitizing of his face from when he was young.  And of course, the GRID!  All the attributes of the arcade game of Tron brought to real life USERS!  Users versus the Programs (wonder how many geeks were really rooting for the Programs).  With the added features of the IMAX, the jet setting, racing games were felt all the way through your body.  I had seen a Blue Angels’ air show via IMAX once, which was really great (although not a amazing as seeing the Blues’ show in person), but seeing a regular movie via IMAX really added to the entire experience of it.  You really felt like you were in the part of the movie, and in this case, the GRID!

 I had no idea just how much more “awesomeness” IMAX would add to the moving going experience.  If you have the option to see it in an IMAX theatre, DO IT! It is worth the few extra dollars!  And if you happen to be an annual pass holder for Universal Studios, be sure to use it for two bucks off. 

Oh, and my favorite quote from the movie: 

Dr. Walter Gibbs:  User requests are what computers are for!

Ed Dillinger:  Doing our business is what computers are for!

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