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PASS Chapter Leader Elections – What Should Nominees Be Asked?


A couple of chapters that I’m working with are getting ready to transition leadership of their user groups.  Change is a good thing, and we all need a break once in awhile, so I’m glad to see that these volunteer leaders are doing what’s best for them right now, but also reaching out and wanting to do what’s best for their members and their communities.

In an effort to help out with a proper election process,  I started creating a list of questions to ask candidates, of course having the usual ones like “Why are you interested in leading a user group”, “What qualifications do you have that you feel makes you a good leader/candidate for this position”, “Do you have X number of hours in your spare time to devote to duties required in having a successful user group”, oh and my favorite, “Are you just plain crazy?”…KIDDING of course!

I wanted to field from the rest of you, what do you think should be asked on such a survey?  And I’d also like to ask, what do you think is the best mechanism for tracking/collecting this type of information, is something like Survey Monkey good for this?  Or is there something more appropriate and/or more efficient that someone should use for this type of thing?  Also, any advice anyone has that they’ve gleaned from their own experiences in such a process, would be very welcomed!

Please post all your suggestions here, versus twitter, so I can have it all in one collective spot.  Thank you in advance for your input!

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  1. Malathi permalink

    Karla, I did something similar sometime ago for volunteers…it didnt work that well..what worked better was an informal chat letting them know of what is involved and what they get in return..for a chapter lead of course it is important you should have some sort of screening/interview…perhaps with the older chapter lead in there..but i would primarily focus on how passionate the indivdiual is..usually that answers 90 % of what i want to know!!

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