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Without Further Ado – SQL Saturday #77 Pensacola Speaker Line-up


Sunday closed the call for speakers for Pensacola’s 3rd Annual SQL Saturday, and each year it gets tougher and tougher to decide just what sessions to select.  This year we had 93 sessions submitted and had to narrow it down to about a third of this.  Knowing historically how hard this part can be, I started analyzing a few days prior to Sunday, and thank goodness I did, because I still didn’t make my goal of announcing the final agenda on Monday.  I have my excuses, but what would be the point of that now. (ok, maybe one, the SQL Saturday website update Monday evening…let’s just say, took an upper cut to the chin!).

This year I wanted to really mix it up, so I’m excited that we will have 16 new faces speaking for Pensacola’s SQL Saturday for the first time.  We will also have 13 returning, most of which have spoken at the past two year’s events, and several of those being local talent.  And since I know someone is going to ask, we have 7 MVPs presenting this year…wait, make that 9 since we have Andy Leonard [blog| twitter] and Kevin D. Wolf [blog| twitter] doing pre-cons for us on SQL Friday this year!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble LEARN! I present to you Pensacola’s 3rd Annual SQL Saturday Heavyweight Champions:

See you all in June!  As our hometown pride Roy would say, Pensacola in the House!!!

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