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WAHOO! I’m working for PASS HQ!!!


Today I begin my journey as the newest member of the PASS HQ team.  I am still pinching myself as I cannot believe that this has happened to me!  It’s like winning the lottery, getting to do what I am most passionate about full time and still be able to feed my family, is indeed…chime in Tom LaRock [blog/twitter]… SQL WINNING to me!!!

To answer some of the common questions I’ve been getting, no, I am not moving to Vancouver.  As a matter of fact, I and the love of my life, Rodney Landrum [blog/twitter], just bought a new home in Lake Mary, Florida.  This Florida girl learned long ago, that she really needs to stay put in Florida so thank goodness I didn’t have to move, as that would have been a really tough decision to make, and I would of hated to have to pass on PASS.  Living on the East coast seems to me not just a great benefit to PASS, but to the community, especially our international communities, as now PASS will have a representative able to assist earlier in the day……which leads to the next common question I keep getting…JUST WHAT WILL I BE DOING for PASS.  Well, that will really be more defined this week while I am up here, but primarily I know that I will be heavily involved in SQL Saturdays (not getting to lead one anymore, so that is going to be a big adjustment for me!), but just helping the growth of these events in states and smaller cities that haven’t had one near them, and to help see these events moving internationally for PASS.  Also mentoring newbies who have never hosted a SQL Saturday, creating training materials such as help videos for the use of the SQLSat admin site, and helping “steer” new event leaders away from potential pitfalls they might run into.

Along with events, I’ll be working on shaping the Regional Mentor program along with current BoD Mark Ginnebaugh [blog/twitter].  A big part of this will be mentoring RM’s on their roles in the community and to their chapter leaders within their regions.  Lots to do here, but really looking forward to it as I myself have really enjoyed being an RM, and see a lot of potential for how this role could benefit the PASS community.  I know there are a lot of folks who don’t believe in this and don’t see the need for RMs, that’s it now in like it’s 4th or 5th reboot, but just hang in there and try to keep an open mind.  This role hasn’t really had anyone able to spend as much time developing it as I will be able to contribute to it, so that could be just what it’s been lacking…not just time devotion, but someone really believing in what Regional Mentors can add to the community.

Even though I will be ramping up the RMs to work more closely with their Chapter Leaders, I too will be very closely working with CLs, this will include the Virtual Chapters as well.  I am very excited about this part, I hope I get to talk to every single CL out there regularly!!!  I’m especially looking forward to helping out new chapter leaders and those who may be struggling out there.  Currently when a new chapter starts, they sign an agreement, and then are thrown out to the wolves. Ok, maybe not quite that callus but we all know that those first few months are very tough for a new chapter, and I’m looking forward to being able to provide guidance to get them rolling in the right direction so they can get some “out of the gate” traction and continue to grow.

That’s all I know for now, and really need to get dressed, don’t want to be late on my first day!  We’ll see where this week leads things.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Excellent News!

    You have complete support from other side of the world!

  2. markginnebaugh permalink

    Congratulations, Karla! I look forward to working with you in your new role at PASS HQ.

  3. Brian Moran permalink

    Congratulations!!! And having someone close to full time on Regional Mentor is great!!!

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