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Hurricane Café n00bs!


You’ve heard of “Second Breakfast”, well here comes “Second Dinner”.  Monday evening post the Networking Dinner being put on by Steve Jones [blog|twitter] and Andy Warren [blog|twitter], Rodney Landrum [blog|twitter] (my hubby if you don’t know by now) and I will be making our way over to the Hurricane Café.  In a nutshell, a cheap, greasy spoon restaurant, with fantastic eats and lots of it.  Especially the hash-browns!  The perfect post-drinking restaurant, although if you aren’t done drinking yet, they actually have a full bar there as well.  It’s the one really bad tradition for us each year the week of PASS Summit, well, outside of drinking at TheTap House every day occasionally that week.  We’ll likely make our way over there around 9:30 from Lowell’s.  Feel free to join us for the stroll over, or meet us there.  Be prepared it is a bit of a walk from Pike Place Market, but you’ll work up a good hunger to devour all the really bad for you delicious good eats!

If you’re certain you’ll want to join us from Lowell’s, send me a tweet (@karlakay22) or email (, so we’ll be sure to lookout for you before heading over.

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