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SQLSaturday #132 Pensacola Recap – Teamwork Prevails


With all the buzz around the flood in Pensacola, I thought I’d take time to do a brief recap of the event, and to say “thanks” to some awesome volunteers. This certainly was a team effort this year, and I for one cannot thank everyone enough. I’m sure I’ll forget some names here, but I’ll do my best, so here goes…

Friday, Pre-con Day

  • Jamie Beck for being onsite early and getting security wrangled up to get the doors open in time and helping me out with the check in process.
  • Rodney Landrum for helping out with the coffee and bagel pickup, and for the extra run back for the missing sugar and creamer, oh, and waters for the speakers.
  • Kelly Thompson of CTS (one of our sponsors) for helping me get the bags stuffed. There wasn’t much to stuff this year, so between the two of us we were able to get it done in under an hour.
  • Mark and Jeannie Holmes for making the Sam’s run for sodas, snacks and other misc. items.
  • Robert Davis and Argenis Fernandez, our pre-con speakers, for putting on a fantastic day of training.  Each break you could just hear the excitement by the attendees on what they were learning.

Saturday, Game Day

  • Shawn McGehee for driving Friday night all the way from Orlando (7 hours) to bring the yard signs, as the Pensacola ones that I had made last year were stolen. Shawn also handled the non printed SpeedPASS line, as he did last year, so super glad to have his experience onsite.  This was the second year in a row for Pensacola to use SpeedPASS, and once again, less than 10% of the attendees didn’t pre-print, with the bulk of this being the speakers, which were to have been pre-printed but apparently time ran out to get that done in advance.
  • Shawn and Rodney for combating the downpour and getting all the yard signs posted around the campus.  They were gone a long time, and came back just drenched!  Apparently they did a great job because comments were made that the signs did an excellent job leading you right in to where you needed to be.
  • Carston Bahnsen, Michael Wells and Victor Rojas for handling the regular registration line. They were fast and efficient, and definitely key to making check in smooth for our attendees.
  • Mark and Jeannie for making the second Sam’s run, and tackling the donut snafu. They also came back with battle signs from the monsoon.  Also for getting the Event Evals stuffed into the name badge holders the evening prior, this made it easy for us to be sure to collect them at the end (they were bright orange, couldn’t miss them!)
  • Kimberly Smith for being the photographer for the day, also filling in where we had gaps for room monitors, posting the door signage around to all the rooms, and getting the speaker evals to the rooms. She literally was all over the place, and fast!
  • Phillip Kirkland (of another sponsor, BitWizards), Jamie, Shawn, and Rodney for helping get the cart of sponsor’s tables unfolded and set up everywhere.
  • Carston leading a couple of others in getting the raffle boxes assembled for the sponsors.
  • Calvin Jones for helping out with miscellaneous items both Friday and Saturday, and for also filling in with room proctoring.
  • John Baldwin, lead of the Birmingham SQLSaturday, helping Jeannie manage the volunteers as they checked in throughout the rest of the day.
  • Barry Coker for being the upstairs greeter and making sure folks could find their way across to the auditorium.
  • Pat Byrne, Michael Viron, Victor, Allen Kinsel, and a couple of others for helping get all the lunch boxes into the building…DRY!
  • Jorge Segarra, Southeast PASS Regional Mentor, for helping out at the PASS table while I was running around orchestrating.
  • Victor for risking his own life in the monsoon and flooded streets to get the leftover lunch boxes to the Waterfront Mission for the homeless, whose shelter had been flooded, so he had to do some searching to find where they had all been relocated to. True dedication to taking care of others resides in this man’s big heart!
  • And lastly, to Mark and Jeannie for all their work leading up to this event, and for putting up with all my “poking and prodding”.  I know they realize now it was all worth it!


I’d also like to thank all the attendees for weathering the storm, oh wait, that’s right, we pretty much had you captive. heehee. No really, I’m proud to say that Pensacola has consistently ever only had about a 13% average in “no shows” each year, with most other events having anywhere from 30-50%.  When you say you’ll be there, you are! Thank you!

This year was definitely the year of teamwork for Pensacola.  For the first time in four years, we actually had the bulk of the volunteers arrive early, which really helped to get the event kicked off on the right foot and running smoothly all day long, even with all the havoc Mother Nature was throwing at us.


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