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Bursting at the Seams


This spring we tried out a gardening idea that we learned at Epcot’s annual Flower and Garden Festival. Simple idea using nothing more than shipping pallets, burlap material, and staples. You basically take a few different sized shipping pallets, to create tiers, and staple the burlap around all sides and the bottom of each. Then fill with potting soil, and plant your seeds. It was a fun little project, and I actually think I’ll probably never bother with planting my garden directly in the ground ever again.


I’m sure you are asking “why not just plant them in the ground”? Well normally I’d agree, but I’ve found that in some parts of Florida, the soil is just not very rich in nutrients. In some places, it seems to be nothing more than just very dry dirt. Granted, this is my first attempt at a garden since moving to this part of Florida, and my rose bush thrives here, but I didn’t want to take a chance on investing my time and energy into something that might just fail miserably. This took much less time then what is typical when starting a garden.

Another benefit to this gardening style, it’s mobile, and good thing. Where we first set it all up, the sprinkler system wasn’t reaching all of it. Easily resolved being we could just pick it up on both ends, and move it.

I don’t know that it was so much the structure, but within just a few weeks it was bursting at the seams. Within two weeks, we already had tomatoes sprouting. Then at the four week mark, we enjoyed cucumbers, green beans, and a variety of hot peppers (pablano, jalapeno, and hot banana peppers). The bell peppers don’t get very big before they start to go bad, so tried one before it hit that stage, and it just was too bitter. Not sure what to do about that. It’s actually my first time ever getting a bell pepper plant to produce anything, so I’m OK with at least getting something to show for it. The watermelon and cantaloupe seeds grew into some very long vines, and we were hopeful to enjoy some sweet delights from those, but unfortunately our lawn guy managed to whack them to pieces before they could bear any fruit. (By the way, those seeds were courtesy of SQLSaturday Colorado Springs, part of their very successful food drive).

2 week mark:


The tomato plants have all since died, just too hot this time of year here (that’s my story anyway), so planting some various lettuces in their place. Due to some of the great plant growth (and probably all the rain here contributed), will have to do a few burlap repairs, but overall the structure is still very much intact.

For those with limited yard space, I highly recommend this well contained, easy to maintain garden.

4 week mark:


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