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Holy Cow! Another SQLSaturday Record!


As I sit here at the hotel lobby in Barcelona, waiting for my room to be ready, I can’t stop smiling. Sure, I’m thrilled to be back in Spain, fond memories for Rodney and I since Spain was our first European trip together year one of dating. But really, this smile is because of what tomorrow holds for SQLSaturday history. That’s right, a new record of seven total events on the day same day, covering 5 different countries. It just warms my heart to know that so many people around the globe will be getting some of the best SQL Server training around, and for free!

This reminds me of when I first started working for PASS. I recall a conversation with Andy Warren, who was on the Board at the time over the SQLSaturday portfolio. We had our first Saturday coming that had four events happening on the same day (Sept 17, 2011), with a few folks in the community questioning whether these events were heading to “oversaturation”. I had asked Andy just what he thought would be a good number for one month. His reply was basically simple math. We were having a Saturday with four so multiple that by the standard four weekends in a month and there you have his response to me of “let’s say sixteen”.

Since 2011, there have been several days where there were more than four events in a day, a couple of days with even six. September 14, 2013 was the last one with six in the same day, and just speculating that maybe that is why some of those moved to October this year. We have a record total of 18 SQLSaturday events this month, and tomorrow ending out the month with seven.

Even though I am onsite for SQLSaturday #338 Barcelona (can you believe Spain’s first, thanks to Ruben Pertusa), I will be thinking of the others on this amazing day in SQLSaturday history. Best wishes and giant #sqlhugs to SQLSaturday #352 Sydney, #329 Rio de Janeiro, #348 Ica, Peru, #326 Tampa BA, #332 Minnesota, and #349 Salt Lake City.

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