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Watching My Next Steps


As I make my way through the all too familiar Hartsfield-Atlanta airport, I can’t help but feel like a kid headed back to school tomorrow. I am going back to work in the world of data. Of course, I have all of the typical emotions: excitement, giddiness and anxiety. For the first time in nine months, I get to sport my handy, dandy backpack, not the everlasting PASS 2012 one, that would have likely made me even more emotional. I went with my neon green Microsoft Ignite one, guaranteed to stand out like the beaming smile on my face.

Before I get to what company I’m working for now, I need to thank a few people in the #sqlfamily. First off, Kendra Little [b|t] and her post “My Six Month Plan, Post Brent Ozar Unlimited”. I have worked since I was fifteen years old, and outside of time off for maternity leave with my two beautiful daughters, I have never taken more than two weeks off between jobs. Kendra’s post really resonated with me and gave me the courage to take some time for myself. Leaving my role at PASS wasn’t easy, and I knew it was going to mean putting a bit of distance between myself and most things PASS in order to really be able to make this time off count. Thank you Kendra for sharing your story, these past several months have been so therapeutic for me, my family, and my soul.

I also need to thank Steve Jones [b|t]. He was the primary reason that Rodney and I attended SQLSaturday Baton Rouge. While I knew I was ready to go back to the working world, I was struggling on just which direction to go in. When you have such a diverse background as I have, the options began to be overhelming. I did “test run” going back to the healthcare field (business operations side), but quickly I was finding it wasn’t challenging enough. I think in time it might have become something more, but I am too ambitious to just idle and play the “wait and see” game. I knew that going and listening to Steve present, and a heart to heart chat after his session, was going to help clear the muddled mess going on in my head. Steve, you have no idea how much our friendship means to me. You and Andy [b|t] will always have a special place in my heart.

Lastly I must thank the most important person in my life, commonly known as “my @SQLBeat”, my wonderful husband Rodney [b]. Without his support, I likely wouldn’t have ever made the leap to one, leave PASS, and two, take some time off for a “reset”.  Thank you for affording me this luxury and being there for me always.

After planting a few seeds while at Baton Rouge, it was less than 48 hours that I was contacted by Jim Murphy [t]. That’s right, I am excited to announce that I’ve joined SQLWatchmen as Director of Marketing and Business Development.


I’m looking forward to working with Jim, Wes [b|t], Philip and the rest of the team, and taking the reins on the marketing side, so they can continue to focus on the quality, technical consulting they provide. Many of my friends are consultants, and often I’ve heard them say that marketing is typically their biggest challenge, because of course, they gravitate to the technical side.

The timing of all of this was just all too perfect. Turns out SQLWatchmen is ready for that full time marketing person and I am excited they chose me, the giddy, geek girl with the neon green backpack ready for my first day.


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  1. Karla —
    Congrats on your new adventure and for sharing about your journey. It’s great to hear about how not doing something specific can provide the break you needed to find your next path. SQLWatchemen is lucky to have you.



    • I recommend everyone take a break between jobs. It was so refreshing, cleared the mind, and was able to get closer to my kids and grandkiddos. Thanks Ginger!

  2. Brent Ozar permalink

    Congratulations, that’s awesome! You’ll do a great job for sure.

  3. sqlrockstar permalink

    Congrats Karla! And THANK YOU for your many years of service to PASS.


  4. I can’t express how excited and fortunate we are to have you join our team!

    • Thanks new Boss!!! haha…I am super looking forward to all the great things we’ll be making happen!!!

  5. Damn thats exciting. I met Jim Murphy at SQL Saturday Tampa in 2012 and was very much impressed. Over the years, I occasionally stop by and checkout their careers page, just incase they might need a guy not in Texas. Seems like a great fit! Congrats!

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