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Retreading Back into Healthcare


Last week via LinkedIn I talked about entering the web development arena with Ashtex Solutions. At the same time I was in discussions with them, my longtime friend and “boss” @Healthware Jim Voytek were talking again, as he was looking for someone to help out with some business development. (Note – when I use the word “boss”, it’s a term of endearment. I don’t use this word lightly and is only granted to those who I respect and admire. Those people know who they are).


Much of the #sqlfamily probably don’t know just how I really came to work for PASS, but honestly, as much as the Board at the time and Judy Christianson were involved (it was during SQLRally Orlando week in 2011), it really came down to Jim. When I had a sense that PASS might be offering me a role, I pinged Jim on chat around mid-week of the event and said something to the effect of “I think PASS might be offering me a paying job”. Understanding at the time, I’d been a volunteer for PASS for about three years, and I naively at the time knew so little about the inner-workings of PASS, didn’t realize anyone was actually getting paid to do the goodness of PASS. Well, Jim was silent on chat for about two hours, which never happens. He always responds right away. I was like “hey, it’s OK, I won’t go if you feel you really still need me”. At the time, a second “Karla” had been trained and on the team for about a year. Anyway, after a long two hours of waiting to see his reaction, Jim came back with one brief sentence “You have to do it, it’s your calling”. I immediately started crying, and I think he did too. Understand, we had been working together for 12 years, so this was going to be a huge change for both of us. But I can tell you, if he had come back and said “I really need you to stay on Karla”, I absolutely would have stayed and declined working for PASS.

As most do know, I left PASS at the end of 2016. It was five very rewarding years and a great journey to be on. I announced that I’d be “retiring” from PASS but knew deep down that I wouldn’t be actually retiring, I just needed a nice long break. I’ve also cut way back on my volunteering for PASS. Speakers and attendees of the most recent SQLSaturday Pensacola were informed that this would be my last time organizing a SQLSat. Good friends Ed Watson and Mike Lawell have adopted it and will hopefully continue the event in the years to come.

Fast forward to now, and here I am taking on two companies, because yes, after a seven-year hiatus I’m back to working for Jim part-time and already loving being submerged back into the home health and hospice worlds. Healthcare has always been a passion for me and really is my comfort zone. I’m excited to be back with Jim, HealthWare, and BONUS, some of my old teammates are still there!

Know someone looking for #homehealth OASIS/PPS or #hospice software? Send them my way!




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