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SQLSaturday History Has Been Made! #100 Brazil Recap

If you are part of the SQL Universe, you know that SQLSaturday #100 was held in São Paulo, Brazil, a week ago. I can hardly put into words just how epic this event was and how thrilled I am that I was able to be there to witness not just SQLSat 100, but the very first of these events to take place in Brazil.

Our journey began on Thanksgiving (Rodney luckily had enough SkyMiles to go with me and present), arriving in São Paulo Friday mid-morning.  Including layovers, this trip there was a full 24 hours from when we left Orlando.  We were greeted at the airport by two of the main SQLSaturday event organizers, Felipe Ferreira [blog|twitter] and Laerte Junior Poltronieri [blog|twitter].

Let me tell you, these two gentlemen are my heroes. They have been putting up with my twitter “pushing and prodding” to host a SQLSaturday since about February.  When I saw their official event request come through in July, the very month I began working for PASS, it was like the icing on the cake for me!  I don’t think they really believed at first that a SQLSaturday could happen in Brazil, but these guys, and an energetic, sweetheart of a volunteer, Andressa Martins [blog|twitter], totally brought it!  They had a lot of support from Microsoft Brasil’s João Nunes and Viviane Ribeiro [blog|twitter], as well as expert speakers from all over this large country, several of whom are PASS user group leaders. Right away you could sense that there is a strong SQL community across Brazil, and it was wonderful to see them all supporting each other at this event!

The event had a cap of 300 attendees, which it reached within the first month of being posted. The wait list was over 200 by the day of the event, and around 250 people attended. The event team released 40 from the wait list, but hadn’t forecasted what the drop-off rate would be. They plan to make sure to release more for their next event, good lesson learned for all SQLSat organizers.

Friday evening they held the Speaker Appreciation dinner at a restaurant that was at what looked to be at the bottom level of this large shopping mall.  About half of the speakers were in attendance, which is about average at these events it seems like lately.  Met several SQL tweeps that I’ve been following since this event was announced, Diego Nogare [blog|twitter], Fabiano Neves Amorim [blog|twitter], PASS chapter leaders Dennes Torres De Oliveira [blog|twitter] and Rodrigo Crespi [blog|twitter] (also a huge help as a volunteer on this event), to mention just a few.  (Quite honestly, I was so overwhelmed by all the hugs and cheek kisses that I cannot remember everyone who was there.  Brazilians are quite affectionate people when they greet you.  Something I did not know and not something that you see much of at all in the states). The food was a large display of what I believe to be tapas, much like an American buffet, ONLY, this food was AMAZING!  Everything we had to eat in Brazil was by far the best food I have ever eaten.  I wasn’t really hungry, as we had a very large lunch with Laerte and Felipe at Fogo De Chao.  One of those all you can eat Brazilian BBQ restaurants that I’ve only always heard about but never dared to try (can you say Meat Hangover!), but there was no way I was passing up on tasting the variety of morsels at this dinner.  With the limited amount of time we were in Brazil, I wanted to be sure and experience everything that I possibly could.  The conversations we had were a wide range from documentaries, books, and travels.  Their English is very well spoken, which was encouraging for Rodney, as he was very nervous about presenting the next day to an audience that may not catch all his jokes.  (Oh wait, even folks in the states don’t typically catch onto his obscure humor).  The group talked for hours, arm wrestling matches commencing, much to Rodney’s delight, and we ended up closing out the place to the point they were asking us to leave.

Most all travel was via taxi, and thanks to our hosts, they made sure to get us where we needed to be the entire weekend.  Picking us up bright and early Saturday morning to head to the event venue, Microsoft’s offices which were so kindly donated as part of their sponsorship.  If you don’t know this already, Sao Paulo is the 7th largest city in population.  Buildings as far as you can see even from the roof tops and due to the congestion and sizes, most of the structures are growing vertically.  The MS office was one of these very tall buildings.  The event was held on the 31st floor, so making this not only the first SQLSaturday in Brazil, but at least for me, the highest one!

The event came staffed with Microsoft employees handling the check-in process, while the volunteers filled nice backpacks donated by sponsor Ka Solution with swag. In addition to Ka Solution and PASS, SQLSaturday Brazil sponsors included SolidQ, Mainwork (a Confio partner), RedGate, and SQLSentry. It was nice to see the continued support of these companies for a SQLSaturday outside the US.

The line of registrants quickly grew very long, snaking from the bottom floor (where they were checked through security) up to the 31st floor, and all the way down the hallway, past the elevators. The anticipation of this event and the eagerness to learn some SQL was all over their faces!  Things opened up with a keynote from Microsoft and opening comments from the organizers.  At this point, everything was being spoken in Portuguese, so I had no idea what was being said, other than I could tell when they mentioned that Rodney’s session would be in English (sure glad they made that clear to everyone ahead of time).   They had three tracks totaling 18 sessions.  Met more SQL tweeps, presenters Nilton Pinheiro [blog|twitter] , Thiago Zavaschi [blog|twitter] , presenter and PASS chapter leader,  Luciano Moreira [blog|twitter], and the Brazilian SQL couple (just as adorable in person as they are on twitter), Edvaldo Castro [blog|twitter] and Socorro Vieira [twitter].  Rodney [blog|twitter] had over 30 brave souls in his session on T-SQL Alphabet Soup, and surprisingly many laughs from the audience, luckily they are very familiar with American sitcoms.  They had two coffee breaks with more delicious good eats, and sub sandwich combos for lunch.  (Personal lesson learned on this trip, do not attempt to drink Nespresso by the gallons, like you do coffee in the states.  My head felt like a ping pong match was going on inside!).  The day ended like most SQLSaturdays, sponsor raffles and end of day announcements.  During my spiel on PASS, I queried the crowd on whether they wanted to see more of these events happen in Brazil, and literally before I could get the words out, they were all cheering and clapping profusely.  Needless to say, there are now several conversations going on with leaders and volunteers to host several more SQLSaturdays in Brazil.  It is a very large country, my guess is that it could sustain an easy 4 or 5 of these events there a year.

The after event get together was yet again some of the most amazing food ever and lots of cold beverages, again by the generosity of João Nunes.  Besides all the great conversations, bonus at this venue was entertainment by a “Big Band”, full on with saxophones, trombones, and drums!  The entire ensemble was over a dozen instrumentalists, in a bar!  Just something you don’t see every day, at least not in an equivalent type of place in the states.

The room filled with cheers to the end of a very successful event.  Throughout the day and evening, every other person was thanking us for being there and for PASS’ support in helping to bring this event to Brazil.  It was wonderful to see what standardly happens at all SQLSataurdays, the connections being made and the SQL Community coming even closer together.

There are many links to blogs and pics from this event, here are just a few.  You can find more on the #sqlsat100 hashtag begin tweeted up daily (by far, this event has more tweets post the event than I’ve seen on any other SQLSaturday…the buzz is still going strong there!).

Sunday we were able to get a little bit of site-seeing in before our flight out that evening.  Laerte picked us up at the hotel which had the most amazing view of the city as it was positioned on a small hill, and looked directly across the highway where the MS office building was at.  Some interesting facts that we learned on this trip:

  1. Like any big city, traffic is horrible there, with many accidents every day, so helicopters are being used more and more frequently for people to travel to work daily.  They land right on top of the buildings. They are so frequent, we watched within a ten minute span, five helicopters land on the MS office building alone.  This is not counting the few that landed on the buildings directly next to this one.  One poor guy had to go down in between two of the taller buildings and land on top of a really short building between them.  Definitely entertaining while we drank coffee poolside.  Apparently helicopters are used so much now, that even the traffic in the airways is becoming a problem.
  2. Prior to going, a couple of people made reference to being careful of monkeys stealing our belongings, especially backpacks.  They apparently can just take them right off your back!  Well, folks, sorry to disappoint, but São Paulo is ALL city, no jungle, thus no monkeys! J
  3. Also prior to going, it embarrasses me to even repeat this; we received many warnings to be careful, “don’t get kidnapped”.  Laerte reassured me that we would have nothing to worry about whatsoever, and he personally escorted us most of the time.  On the couple of occasions that we took a taxi without him, and little did we know this until just prior to leaving, Laerte was taking pictures of the cab drivers faces and their license plates.  HAHA!  So…in hindsight of now knowing this, did we REALLY have nothing to worry about?? Hmmm…

Sunday afternoon we took the subway to a popular part of downtown, Paulista Avenue.  Didn’t do any shopping, as that is just not my thing, but did browse through a nearby street market much like a typical festival in Pensacola would look like.  We had lunch on the outside patio of a small restaurant that had quite an enormous beer selection.  Even though not a pizzeria, we ordered what was for me one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten.  I’ll just say LOTS OF GARLIC! YUM!!!

Getting a taxi back to the airport took some doing, and thank goodness Laerte was with us to get this arranged as it was very difficult to find a cab that accepted a credit card, as we definitely did not have enough Reals left on us to pay cash (the airport was nearly an hour away, cost from Paulista was 100 reals, which is only about 55 USD, but we only had about 35 Reals left on us).  The flight back was a bit more direct, only one connection which was Atlanta, so needless to say, a very full flight.  But even with only one connection, the total travel time back was still about 15 hours.  I took the remainder of Monday to sleep (poor Rodney had to go straight into work) and another couple of days to lose my newly adopted broken English that I had grown so fondly of. J

Brazil, we will be back and with more time to actually visit.  I highly recommend a trip there to anyone with the chance to go.  Do know, you will need a Visa, it is the only South American country that requires it, and apply early!  We got our Visas’ the day before we flew out, and I feel certain that we only even got it then because of me calling every single day the week before we were due to leave.  Talk about some serious stress that week!

Thank you to all of the Brazilian SQL Community for your kindness and making us feel so welcome!  SQLSaturday #100 was a success because of all of you!  Keep them coming!  And an extra special thank you to Laerte for taking such good care of us.  We look forward to seeing you again soon my friend!

Hurricane Café n00bs!

You’ve heard of “Second Breakfast”, well here comes “Second Dinner”.  Monday evening post the Networking Dinner being put on by Steve Jones [blog|twitter] and Andy Warren [blog|twitter], Rodney Landrum [blog|twitter] (my hubby if you don’t know by now) and I will be making our way over to the Hurricane Café.  In a nutshell, a cheap, greasy spoon restaurant, with fantastic eats and lots of it.  Especially the hash-browns!  The perfect post-drinking restaurant, although if you aren’t done drinking yet, they actually have a full bar there as well.  It’s the one really bad tradition for us each year the week of PASS Summit, well, outside of drinking at TheTap House every day occasionally that week.  We’ll likely make our way over there around 9:30 from Lowell’s.  Feel free to join us for the stroll over, or meet us there.  Be prepared it is a bit of a walk from Pike Place Market, but you’ll work up a good hunger to devour all the really bad for you delicious good eats!

If you’re certain you’ll want to join us from Lowell’s, send me a tweet (@karlakay22) or email (, so we’ll be sure to lookout for you before heading over.

Interested in Starting a User Group or Hosting a SQLSaturday?

If you are interested in bringing to your community a new user group or to host your very own SQLSaturday, please come visit me at the PASS Community booth directly in front of the registration check in counters at the Summit next week.  I will be there most of the time next week, excluding Tuesday.  If I’m not there for some reason, ask for Michelle Nalliah, my partner in all things AWESOME at PASS, and if all else fails, send me a tweet to @karlakay22.  This invite is open to anyone and everyone across the World!  Even if you aren’t coming to the PASS Summit, send me an email,

Looking forward to meeting you!

WAHOO! KALAMAZOO! SQLSaturday #84 Steals My Heart!

This weekend marked the 20th SQL Saturday that I have attended, SQLSaturday 84 in a place until now I had never heard of, Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Well, I can tell you, that this one broke into my top 3, as this small town, “home like” feeling event, literally warmed my heart!  It was admittedly very reminiscent of the first event I hosted in Pensacola in 2009.

When I arrived, with Tommy LaRock who happened to be on the same flight, volunteer Shelly Noll picked us up, the first sign of hometown hospitality.  After checking into the hotel, Shelly swung us by the event venue where we met up with the other volunteers.  Their event was held at the Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and let me tell you, one of the very nicest community colleges I’ve ever seen. This large venue was gorgeous, with trees growing on the inside, beautiful gardens and courtyards, and amazingly donated for FREE for this event.  NICE WIN!

There were at least 8 volunteers, likely more just didn’t count, all working diligently on preparing things for the big day.  Right off the bat, you could tell this group was super organized as they were nearly done, and it was only about 3:00 in the afternoon.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such calmness the day before a SQLSaturday.

Things kicked off that evening with the speaker party, a get together at Tim Ford’s beautiful home and was sponsored by SQLSentry.  In attendance were so many top notch notables of the SQL world that I am not even going to begin listing them all, as I will surely miss someone.  Tim and his lovely wife Amy prepared quite a spread of delectables, from homemade guacamole to apple cobbler (and one cobbler wasn’t enough, there was a peach one as well!), assorted chips and dips and cheeses I’ve never even heard of that were to die for!  Plenty of delicious food and then the doorbell rings, as if we needed more, gourmet pizzas show up.  A cooler full of frothy beverages out on the deck, again, many I have never heard of, with a wonderfully warm fire roaring in the pit (which was MUCH appreciated by THIS Florida girl, as it was like 50 degrees there!).  As chilly as it was (okay maybe not for the others), most everyone ended up gathering out on the deck, surrounding the fire like we were at camp, telling tales of SQL.  It was so relaxing, lots of good humor and stories.  This by far is now my top Friday evening party for these events.  It was like being home.  The evening ended, at least for me, of an announcement that someone had eaten all the bacon off all the remaining pizza. One guess!

Early the next morning, once again, Shelly was kind enough to pick me up from the hotel and head on over to the venue to get things set-up.  Others were there and much of what was needed done was well on its way to completion.  I cannot say enough, what a super, efficient crew of volunteers!  I was there on behalf of PASS, so I went to work setting up our table in the sponsor’s area.  This I would say would be the only thing that I would recommend they look at changing up at next year’s event, the placement of sponsors. Unfortunately it was the only place with outlets all the way around the walls, hence why they chose this spot, but it was pretty far from the registration check-in, and tucked off to one side.  It was at least near the doors to where three of the sessions were being held, so Tim the quick thinker, placed a big billboard they had with the rooms and sessions posted directly by those doors, so we could sway folks over to our area as they stopped to find their way.  This worked out, as I do think many attendees managed to get their raffle tickets into the drawings all the sponsors had.  Maybe next year they can find some other way to get the registration and the sponsors closer together.

The day went by very quickly, probably because I spent most of the day working and in discussions with Alison MacDonald from PASS Marketing, oh, and that other person who seems to never stop talking, no, not Rob Farley, Tom!  (I hear Rob out talks Tom, I find that really hard to believe after this weekend).  Throughout the day many attendees, as usual at these events, were commenting on how great the event was and how happy they were that it came to Kalamazoo.  The turnout was very close to the numbered registered, I think they ended up with only about a 12% drop-off, even though there did seem to be a lot of food leftover, but I think that is typical when you do food trays with sandwiches. I think sandwich shops under state really just how many people one tray will feed. This was the first event that I attended that we had the new SQLSaturday laptop stickers and patches, and those went over big time, everyone wanted those.  Looking forward to seeing how many of these make their way to the Summit next month.  For their event, they had a WIT Panel during lunch led by Shelly, which unfortunately I missed due to talking too much myself!  The WIT Panel was a great line-up of Kendra Little, Wendy Pastrick, Yanni Robel, and Erin Stellato.  Since I missed it, I can’t do it justice, but Sarah Strate did a full detailed blog about it, that you can read up on here:

As the day was winding up, Tim needed someone to head over early to the after party venue to let them know we were coming, as they did not allow reservations ahead of time.  So Amy, Austen and Trevor (they ever so entertaining boys) and I all headed over, which meant I wasn’t there for the raffle drawings, which was fine, but I did miss out on a very special moment for Tim.  Josh Fennessy, who was that day announced as the new chapter leader for the West Michigan SQL User Group, presented Tim with a plaque of recognition for all his years of contributions to the SQL community.  Check it out

The after party was at a very cool restaurant/bar in downtown called Kalamazoo Beer Exchange .  Great food, but the absolutely coolest thing about this place was the Beer Market.  At 6:00pm, on various big screens throughout the three story facility, the Beer Market would open.  Think Stock Market.  You watch the price of beers go up or down based on consumption.  I had never seen this anywhere, and it was so cool!  When the price of the beer changed, it stayed at that price for 12 minutes.  There were arrows, just like the stock market, that showed if the price was going up or down.  At one point the beer market crashed, and all the beers were 2 bucks!  Drink, drink, drink!

After a while we all made our way to a nearby piano bar, something we do for the after party at Pensacola each year, and in my opinion, great entertainment and fun for all no matter where you live.  I had hoped to make my way to a third place that had bull riding, as I am determined to do this someday, but was just too tired and had an early flight out.  I was smart and booked my ride with Joe Fleming earlier in the evening, stating “make me go with you no matter  how  much I insist I want to stay longer”, so thank you Joe, I made it to the airport on time that next morning.  Which by the way another hospitable thing happened, my cab driver, Cliff, insisted on not charging me for the lift to the airport.

In closing, I want to say to the SQLSaturday Kazoo team, GREAT JOB!  Thank you so much to all of you for bringing this event to your community.  On a personal note, thank you to Amy and Tim for making me feel so welcome and having us all over to your home.  You are such good people, and I hope to spend time again with you some day.  I feel like I not only had a great opportunity to network, but made connections with some folks that I would consider good friends now.  And special shout out to Josh, don’t forget our date in Seattle, your christening of the Hurricane Café.  Rodney and I are both looking forward to it!

WAHOO! I’m working for PASS HQ!!!

Today I begin my journey as the newest member of the PASS HQ team.  I am still pinching myself as I cannot believe that this has happened to me!  It’s like winning the lottery, getting to do what I am most passionate about full time and still be able to feed my family, is indeed…chime in Tom LaRock [blog/twitter]… SQL WINNING to me!!!

To answer some of the common questions I’ve been getting, no, I am not moving to Vancouver.  As a matter of fact, I and the love of my life, Rodney Landrum [blog/twitter], just bought a new home in Lake Mary, Florida.  This Florida girl learned long ago, that she really needs to stay put in Florida so thank goodness I didn’t have to move, as that would have been a really tough decision to make, and I would of hated to have to pass on PASS.  Living on the East coast seems to me not just a great benefit to PASS, but to the community, especially our international communities, as now PASS will have a representative able to assist earlier in the day……which leads to the next common question I keep getting…JUST WHAT WILL I BE DOING for PASS.  Well, that will really be more defined this week while I am up here, but primarily I know that I will be heavily involved in SQL Saturdays (not getting to lead one anymore, so that is going to be a big adjustment for me!), but just helping the growth of these events in states and smaller cities that haven’t had one near them, and to help see these events moving internationally for PASS.  Also mentoring newbies who have never hosted a SQL Saturday, creating training materials such as help videos for the use of the SQLSat admin site, and helping “steer” new event leaders away from potential pitfalls they might run into.

Along with events, I’ll be working on shaping the Regional Mentor program along with current BoD Mark Ginnebaugh [blog/twitter].  A big part of this will be mentoring RM’s on their roles in the community and to their chapter leaders within their regions.  Lots to do here, but really looking forward to it as I myself have really enjoyed being an RM, and see a lot of potential for how this role could benefit the PASS community.  I know there are a lot of folks who don’t believe in this and don’t see the need for RMs, that’s it now in like it’s 4th or 5th reboot, but just hang in there and try to keep an open mind.  This role hasn’t really had anyone able to spend as much time developing it as I will be able to contribute to it, so that could be just what it’s been lacking…not just time devotion, but someone really believing in what Regional Mentors can add to the community.

Even though I will be ramping up the RMs to work more closely with their Chapter Leaders, I too will be very closely working with CLs, this will include the Virtual Chapters as well.  I am very excited about this part, I hope I get to talk to every single CL out there regularly!!!  I’m especially looking forward to helping out new chapter leaders and those who may be struggling out there.  Currently when a new chapter starts, they sign an agreement, and then are thrown out to the wolves. Ok, maybe not quite that callus but we all know that those first few months are very tough for a new chapter, and I’m looking forward to being able to provide guidance to get them rolling in the right direction so they can get some “out of the gate” traction and continue to grow.

That’s all I know for now, and really need to get dressed, don’t want to be late on my first day!  We’ll see where this week leads things.  Stay tuned!

Pensacola TKO’s another Great SQL Saturday Event!

It’s been a heck of a week, as I had to go right into another three day event post the SQL Saturday #77 one in Pensacola, but I am finally able to sit and “brain-dump” all my thoughts about this year’s event.
For the first time in Pensacola we added two pay for pre-cons the day prior to the event.  We were honored to have Andy Leonard [blog/twitter] train on “A Day of SSIS” and Kevin D. Wolf [blog/twitter] trained on “Real World Windows Phone 7 Development”.  Due to very few technical events coming to Pensacola, we typically add a couple of dev tracks to the SQL Saturdays at this location, so we decided to have a pre-con for our local Devs as well as the DBAs.  These events were very well received, and really added some value and a few dollars to help cover additional expenses for Saturday.  I highly recommend adding a pre-con if you can manage it.
This year the SQL Saturday was held at the same venue, however at a different building, so added a bit of confusion for folks attending.  Even though the building was right next to the one we’ve always used, it required people to enter into a different parking lot. Well, one side of that parking lot, the side that is the actual physical location of the college, was blocked off with cones for a motorcycle training class going on that morning.  For people not familiar with the college, and coming to SQL Saturday Pensacola for the first time, they had a hard time finding the entrance on the opposite side of the block.  We assigned a volunteer to stand over there and direct folks to the other entrance, however the first track of sessions had very low attendance which I’m sure was due to people unable to locate us.  Something to note for next year if the event stays at the same college, offer all routes of entry to the college in email prior to the event.  By the second session, the numbers were looking good, and rooms were starting to fill up, although I’m sure we had some just give up and leave altogether.
Another “hiccup” in the morning was the printer not working.  We used the Speed Pass registration process this year for the first time, and for folks who didn’t register online or forgot to print their pass, we planned to print them onsite the morning of the event.  We had about a dozen people lined up when we finally just gave up and went across the street and bought another printer.  So added an unexpected expense, and caused some hold up for a few attendees, but not sure how to avoid this type of thing for next year, as I do feel the Speed Pass overall was a huge help in creating a very smooth check in.
One thing that was really great for our new location was the ability to have enough room for more exhibiting sponsors.  This year we had more sponsors actually onsite then we’ve ever had in the past, and the attendees really got to see/hear about a lot of great products and services available to them.  After reading some blogs, I know the sponsors really felt it was worth their while as well.  I always try to encourage sponsors to come onsite, as I really feel it adds more value to the event for the attendees, and equally helps the vendor to get more exposure.
Lunch was Lenny’s Sub Shop, as they always give us a great price for their box lunch and deliver and set them all up for us, which is nice since its one less thing we need volunteers to do.  We typically encourage folks to eat outside, but this year had to be the hottest June I’ve ever seen in  Pensacola, so we may consider moving it up into April next year…although that will mean SQL Sunday fishing will take a “hit” as red snapper season isn’t open that time of year.  Again, some things to weigh out for next time.
The day ended with the raffle drawing, and we had a lot of great giveaways this year, so we had a good amount of attendees hang around all the way to the end of the day, then off to the after party at Seville Quarter.  Some good eats and winding down time, which I know for THIS GIRL was much needed.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so quiet at a networking opportunity.
All in all, I’m satisfied with the outcome.  A lot of people have made some great comments about the sessions being higher level this year, so even those more advanced DBAs and Developers I think walked away with some new knowledge.  Thank you to ALL our great speakers for coming to Pensacola and making it a huge win for our hometown.  I really cannot express enough how deeply appreciative I am to all of you for making the “haul” (I know some came very far away!) and tolerating some unusually hot weather for that time of year!

You can check out some pics from Russ Fustino [blog/twitter] here. (several links at the bottom of the post).  If anyone has links to other pics, please post a comment here with the link.  Thanks!

Without Further Ado – SQL Saturday #77 Pensacola Speaker Line-up

Sunday closed the call for speakers for Pensacola’s 3rd Annual SQL Saturday, and each year it gets tougher and tougher to decide just what sessions to select.  This year we had 93 sessions submitted and had to narrow it down to about a third of this.  Knowing historically how hard this part can be, I started analyzing a few days prior to Sunday, and thank goodness I did, because I still didn’t make my goal of announcing the final agenda on Monday.  I have my excuses, but what would be the point of that now. (ok, maybe one, the SQL Saturday website update Monday evening…let’s just say, took an upper cut to the chin!).

This year I wanted to really mix it up, so I’m excited that we will have 16 new faces speaking for Pensacola’s SQL Saturday for the first time.  We will also have 13 returning, most of which have spoken at the past two year’s events, and several of those being local talent.  And since I know someone is going to ask, we have 7 MVPs presenting this year…wait, make that 9 since we have Andy Leonard [blog| twitter] and Kevin D. Wolf [blog| twitter] doing pre-cons for us on SQL Friday this year!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble LEARN! I present to you Pensacola’s 3rd Annual SQL Saturday Heavyweight Champions:

See you all in June!  As our hometown pride Roy would say, Pensacola in the House!!!